Vadodara Parents Association Strongly Condemns the Decision of the Gujarat Government to Reopen the Schools from 23/11/2020.

Vadodara parents association strongly condemns the decision of the Gujarat government to reopen the schools from 23/11/2020.

Yes, education and future of our children are very important. So are the lives of children too.

Most of the schools are not having basic safety measures like fire fighting equipment in place.

How will these schools follow SOP for reopening? The Hon minister says that the student should be taken to the nearest primary health centre if they develop any symptoms.

Are these PHC ‘s equipped to handle such situations, when large and reputed hospitals are struggling to face these situations?

We cannot leave our children to their fates.

We once again demand that the district administration should ensure all safety measures in place and take all stakeholders including the parents into confidence before reopening of the schools.

A meeting of all the stakeholders like parents, representatives of schools like principals and management should be held to discuss this issue before taking any decision.

VPA will be organising protest programs against this hasty decision

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